4 tips for pruning spruce trees

Spruce trees are a familiar evergreen tree in a landscape which is famous for their typical pyramid shape. In order to grow spruce trees well, you need to provide full sun, adequate water as well as enough fertilizer. Besides, it is also pretty important to prune spruce trees regularly. Tip 1: Before pruning spruce trees, consider the shape you want to have. You can make the decision with the below method. For those who reside in a location having a great deal of snowfall, removing the bottom Read more [...]

4 tips for pruning lemon trees

Pruning lemon trees is important if you want to grow them well. If you forget to do this, there might be a slower-growing and lead to the reduction of production. Lemon trees require a more specific pruning time table, so you need to follow the guide more strictly. Here we give 4 important tips for you to prune lemon trees. Spring is the best time to prune a lemon tree. Generally speaking, we suggest you to complete the pruning before the blooms appearing. You can just determine when to do Read more [...]

Peel garlic by garlic roller chopper fast

Garlic is a popular food with many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure risk, cancer risk etc. As each garlic is coated with some layers of clove, so peel clove would be a time confusing job before eating or store them. Here we tell you introduce garlic roller chopper for you, by this useful tool you can peel clove fast. THIS magic garlic roller chopper enable you to peel garlic easilyevery time. You might suffer from sticky, smelly, garlicky mess by traditional knife. But thisgarlic Read more [...]

4 Carpet grass maintenance tips for your house

  Carpet grass is very popular these days in the us which works well in wet, shady areas that are not easy for most common turf to grow. Carpet grass develops coarse, light-green leaf blades and seed heads that resemble crabgrass. It is necessary to maintained it well if you want to form a dense turf to withstand foot traffic. Here we share 5 Carpet grass maintenance tips for you. During the spring season when the grass is growing fast. You should provide carpet grass with 1 inch of water Read more [...]

When and how to prune olive trees

Pruning olive trees is a useful tool to increase its production.So make a plan and put into effect strictly. Here we give some idea about when and how to prune olive trees When to Prune olive trees Different from other trees, you do not need to prune olive trees every year. The best time to do some pruning is during the harvest. You can cut away growths from the base of the tree and remove any branches as you want. Spring is also a good time to do pruning for olive trees, you should do that before Read more [...]

When and how to prune fig trees

A fig tree is a large, deciduous tree which has muscular and twisting multiple branches and large, single, bright green foliage. The fig tree grows tiny flowers, usually clustered inside its green fruit. Prune fig trees enable it to bear more fruit. When to prune fig trees Figs tree lose their leaves in winter, but it is not the same as other deciduous trees. You can still prune it in winter days. However, the best time to prune your fig tree in autumn after the last rip fig is harvested. How Read more [...]

How to pick fake grass for yard

As natural lawns need to be taken good care of, and need a lot of water. So nowadays fake grass are more and more popular.Compared to natural lawns, fake grass requires much less water, is more durable easy to maintain. On the market there are variety of synthetic lawns available with different set of uses, here we share experience on how to pick right fake grass for yard. First of all you need to determine the sized of your yard where you would like to place synthetic lawn. If the area is large, Read more [...]

Pruning maple trees easily in 4 steps

Maple trees are usually planted for outdoor landscaping. They are cold resistant, growing extremely fast and with beautiful appearance especially in autumn. Pruning maple trees is the main maintenance you should do every year. Here we give guide briefly. The best time to prune maple trees is autumn when the leaves have fully matured. Follow the below 5 steps and you can do that easily. Step 1: Similar as pruning other trees, the first thing you should do is to remove all dead or dying branches.Do Read more [...]

Regular artificial turf maintenance ideas

Artificial turf is a good alternate of natural grass as it is easy to maintain and durable. However, you still need to do regular maintenance inf order to prolong its life as well as spare money. If you know how to maintain your artificial grass properly, you can properly use it for 5 years or even more. Here we share artificial turf maintenance ideas for your reference. Step 1: In order to remove dirt and debris away from the lawn, vacuum the artificial turf first. It is said that regular Read more [...]

When and how to prune apricot tree

Apricot tree is an ideal backyard fruiting tree in the US. Pruning is a necessary part of the general maintenance every year. Pruning apricot tree does not only improve the appearance of it, but also positively affects the growth and fruit production. When to prune apricot tree We suggest you to prune the spring-blooming apricot tree immediately after flowering. By doing that during the first 4 - 5 years, you can develop the future form and structure as you want. Also prune it every summer after Read more [...]